Steam-distilled premium soft drink launches in UK

by Owen Bellwood

Craft drinks specialist Rocktails has launched its first ready-to-drink alcohol-free soft drink in the UK, called Citrus Spritz.

The Citrus Spritz is the first in a range of new craft soft drinks from the Devon-based company and is described as a “lightly sparkling botanical blend”. Rocktails use a copper pot still and a steam distillation process to extract the flavours from a range of botanicals, creating a “refreshing yet refined Spritz". The Citrus Spritz combines lemon zest with juniper berries and has been described as being “well balanced and delicate, with lemon zest top notes. The rounded pepperiness of the juniper is intertwined with the fragrant notes of basil and lavender. Grapefruit peel adds a dry base with slight bitter tones.” Founded by Chris Yandell and Katie Bain, Rocktails hopes to create a unique range of "grown up, characterful yet refined soft drinks," offering mindful drinkers the same experience as their alcohol-consuming friends. Rocktails launches today (Monday 15 January) in selected London restaurants and bars, the alcohol free spritz's will also be available in premium retailers including Harrods.