St-Rémy Signature expands presence

by Alice Brooker

French brand St-Rémy is rolling out its Signature brandy bottling to new global markets, including the UK and Taiwan.

St-Rémy Signature launched in Canada in 2020, where the brand has said it is on track to nearly double its market sales over the next 12 months, into 2023. It will be available to purchase in the UK from supermarket retailer Sainsbury’s in October, with availability in Taiwan and Jamaica to follow. Having been released to the US in 2021, the bottling will also expand its presence to US global travel retail in September 2022. “It has been incredible to see the response to St-Rémy Signature since we introduced it to the market,” said Cécile Roudaut, St-Rémy’s master blender. “This expression is an original creation, designed to be discovered by a new era of brandy-drinkers. While respecting the traditional French brandy values and processes, I have added a maturation stage in small virgin oak barrels, which marks its distinction and creates a smooth brandy with elegant notes of vanilla, a hint of toasted French oak and a velvety texture.” Its UK launch will be promoted at urban drinks festival Cocktails in the City, taking place between 11-13 August in Bedford Square Gardens, London. Hervé Buzon, St-Rémy’s global brand director, commented: “We decided to launch a new type of brandy to recruit a new generation of brandy drinkers: a distinctive spirit in a distinctive bottle. Following a very successful launch in some of our key markets, we are thrilled to bring this exciting expression to new audiences across the globe and continue to provide bartenders with new mixology options.” The brand recently revealed a new global strategy to boost consumption of St-Rémy XO and its latest release, St-Rémy Café.