Square Root creates alcohol-free ‘G&T’

by Owen Bellwood

East London-based soft drinks manufacturer Square Root Soda is preparing to launch its first non-alcoholic 'gin' and tonic.

To create the ready-to-drink expression, Square Root has created a non-alcoholic 'gin', which is a blend of distilled botanicals including juniper, cubeb pepper, cardamom, liquorice, angelica, coriander and Persian dried lime. Square Root Soda then blends the alcohol-free 'gin' with its house tonic water, which contains British beet sugar, Sicilian lemon juice, lemon rind and natural quinine. The brand's non-alcoholic gin and tonic is said to have the "fragrant, refreshing botanical magic of a gin and tonic," with crisp, citrus notes, a hint of spicy pepper, aromatic herbs and the bitterness of quinine. Square Root Soda will launch its alcohol-free 'G&T' on 2 January, which will be available to buy from the brand's online shop priced at £1.80 (US$2.25) per 275ml bottle. The alcohol-free drinks market has seen a boom in popularity over the past year, SB recently published its list of the top non-alcoholic 'spirit' brands in the sector.