SMWS owner unveils JG Thomson range

by Kate Malczewski

The Artisanal Spirits Company, owner of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), has debuted a whisky, gin and rum range called JG Thomson & Co.

The name 'JG Thomson' was inspired by an 18th-century wine and spirits merchant that operated in the same building in Leith, Edinburgh, that now houses The Artisanal Spirits Company's head office. “Back in the 1700s, trade ships were arriving in Leith and bringing with them new and exciting goods," explained David Ridley, managing director at The Artisanal Spirits Company. "Being nearby, the savvy Thomson family became renowned for selecting some of these new spirits being brought in and introducing them to their discerning customers in Edinburgh, and to the wider world. “Inspired by that creative and adventurous spirit, we’ve revived the JG Thomson & Co brand." The range has launched with three core no-age-statement blended malt whiskies – Sweet, Smoky and Rich – as well as a 100% pot still Jamaican rum and a citrus-led gin. The Artisanal Spirits Company is also rolling out two limited edition aged whiskies under the JG Thomson brand: a 23-year-old blended malt Scotch which comprises 100% Speyside malts, and a 1972 blended grain Scotch whisky featuring aromas of honey, wax and ginger. "Just like the Thomsons did in the 1700s, we’re constantly on the lookout for new spirits, flavours and tastes to explore from around the world, whether that’s handpicking whisky in Scotland or rum in Jamaica," said Ridley. "By focusing on creating small batches and limited editions, we want to explore different tastes and take full advantage of the opportunity to experiment, innovate, marry, blend, discover and learn."

JG Thomson & Co earned several awards in our Luxury Masters 2021 blind-tasting competition.

The range's launch builds on a 'very strong' H1 for The Artisanal Spirits Company, following the business' premiere on the London stock market in June.