Smith & Sinclair founder creates CBD brand Pollen

Nov 14, 2019by Owen Bellwood

The founder of alcoholic confectioner Smith & Sinclair, Melanie Goldsmith, has launched cannabidiol (CBD) brand Pollen.

Initially launching with a range of CBD-infused gummies, drink drops and ready-to-drink (RTD) soft drinks, Pollen uses CBD derived from broad-spectrum hemp oil. Goldsmith said: “It was so important to me to develop a range of products with real integrity. We made sure we used natural flavourings from ingredients such as grapefruit, raspberry, turmeric and lemon and worked really hard to deliver transparency too with these ranges. "All of our Hemp is US grown, fully traceable and our products are rigorously third party tested to guarantee an accurate dosage every time." Pollen Drink Drops are made with water soluble CBD and come in flavours including honey, vanilla and grapefruit. Available in three different strengths, a 2ml drop can provide consumers with a 10mg, 20mg or 30mg serving of CBD. The newly-launched brand has also created vegan CBD-infused gummies, each delivering a 10mg dose. The gummies are flavoured with ingredients such as grapefruit, turmeric, cherry and cacao. Finally, Pollenade is said to be a “fruity, botanical soft drink designed to be an ideal alternative to a mid-afternoon coffee”. Each 330ml can contains 15mg water soluble CBD as well as the natural juices of grapefruit, lemon and raspberry. Pollen’s range of gummies, drink drops and Pollenade are available to purchase from the brands website. The gummies are priced at £35 (US$45) for 30, the drink drops are priced from £55 (US$70) for 100ml at a 500mg strength and Pollenade is £3.30 (US$4) per can.