Sipsmith unveils Black Maple Gin Liqueur

Feb 14, 2018by Owen Bellwood

London-based gin producer Sipsmith has launched a maple-flavoured gin liqueur as part of its Sipping Society subscription service.

Following Shrove Tuesday yesterday (13 February), the London-based distillery has unveiled a gin liqueur that "may just tempt you to break your lent". To create Sipsmith Black Maple Gin Liqueur, the distillery infused and smoked its gin with maple, giving the expression a "rich golden colour and wonderful butterscotch notes." On the nose, the Black Maple Liqueur has notes of "rich honeycomb and butterscotch with a touch of burnt orange," with a "long, smooth salted caramel mouthfeel"on the palate and a finish described as having "balanced warming molasses to end". The latest expression hopes to honour the maple sugaring process that has taken place in areas of North America and Canada for more than 300 years. According to the distillery, this process requires nine litres of maple sap to produce one litre of maple syrup. Sipsmith Black Maple Gin Liqueur is exclusively available through the Sipping Society, a bi-monthly subscription service launched by the distillery in 2016. Following a sell-out trial run, the bi-monthly Sipping Society launched two years ago, giving 'ginthusiasts' the chance to taste four bespoke expressions, direct from the distillery.