Silk Road Distillers creates ‘first’ white spiced rum

Oct 29, 2019by Melita Kiely

London-based start-up Silk Road Distillers claims to have created a "brand new spirit category" with the launch of the UK’s "first" white spiced rum.

Silk Road’s White Spiced Rum uses six vapour-infused botanicals during the distillation process, which is said to create a “delicate, light and more refined” spirit. Each batch of Silk Road White Spiced Rum is created in small quantities, bottled and labelled by hand. It is recommended for sipping neat or mixed with tonic water. The company was inspired by founder George Agate’s tandem cycle around the world, where he followed the Silk Road east from Istanbul. The inspiration is reflected in the geometric design of the rum’s label. Agate said: “Our drink was created out of the love we have for rum and our passion for the vibrant and beautiful cities along the Silk Road that we were fortunate enough to pass through on our world adventure. “We now want to use this passion to spearhead a revolution in rum that is long overdue.” Bottled at 42% ABV, Silk Road’s White Spiced Rum is available to purchase online via the company’s website, priced at £35 (US$45) per 500ml bottle.