Senser debuts ‘mood-enhancing’ zero-ABV ‘spirits’

by Owen Bellwood

Booze-free botanical ‘spirit’ brand Senser has launched three “mood-enhancing” alcohol alternatives inspired by traditional medicines and shamanic practices.

Designed to be treated like a traditional spirit, Senser has launched with three variants: Power, Love and Joy. Each expression features a “curated blend of botanical ingredients” that enhances its namesake attribute. Founded by trained plants alchemist Vanessa Jacoby, Senser was created to “elevate social situations into mood-enhancing experiences”. Power features botanicals such as gotu kola, orange peel, eleuthero, ginkgo, wormwood and cacao, which are said to evoke a state of calm. Love uses ingredients including hibiscus, rose, passionflower, orris root, bergamot, geraniol and palmarosa, which Sensor said “produce a state of relaxed serenity”. Finally, Joy uses schisandra berry, damiana, chamomile, ashwagandha, ginkgo, lemon balm, lemongrass and grapefruit oil, which “clear the mind, energise the body and raise the spirit”. Senser sources 95% of its botanicals organically, and the range contains no sugar, caffeine, or gluten, and is vegan friendly. Jacoby said: “With the official launch of Senser, I am delighted to offer a new conscious way to socialise; whilst alcohol has long been a ritual to anaesthetise both the mind and body, our range of spirits have been designed to offer a natural high, enhancing your mood and allowing for you to be present with none of the side effects and ensuing hangover.” Priced at £25 (US$33) per 500ml bottle, Senser is available to buy in the UK online and through London department store Harrods. The alcohol-free 'spirit' is also available in bars including Oriole and Nightjar in London. As more producers enter the low- and no-alcohol market, SB recently presented its round up of the latest zero-ABV offerings to join the fast-growing category.