Sea Arch is latest non-alcoholic distilled ‘spirit’

Aug 28, 2019by Melita Kiely

A new zero-ABV “gin alternative” has joined the burgeoning non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ category, called Sea Arch.

Produced in Devon, UK, the product was inspired by the county's coastline and is "calorie-free, sweetener-free and sugar-free". To make Sea Arch, 11 botanicals are twice-distilled with alcohol in a copper pot still with spring water. The alcohol is then removed to create an alcohol-free ‘spirit’. Sea Arch is said to have a “base flavour of juniper” and notes cardamom, blood orange and grapefruit, leading to a “long finish” and hints of samphire and sea kelp. It is available to purchase via and, priced at RRP £24.99 (US$31) per 700ml bottle. Sarah Yates, who co-founded the brand with Geoff Yates, said: “Our vision was to produce a premium drink accessible to anyone, from one of Britain’s most beautiful coastal towns. For many reasons, consumers want more choice for the sugary and one-dimensional soft drinks on the market. “We individually extract the flavours from all our botanics using different extraction techniques. These include steam distillation, copper pot distillation and maceration all used to extract the very best from each botanical and allow the more delicate components to be captured in the distillates. Neutral grain spirit is used in some of the extraction processes and then removed to give a non-alcoholic drink. “Crisp and celebratory, Sea Arch is made more beautiful without alcohol. It’s a toast to Devon, to the sea, to life and all its possibilities.” Earlier this year, The Spirits Business compiled a list of the newest low- and no-alcohol brands that launched in the previous 12 months. This followed an exploration of how the growing low- and no-alcohol trend is affecting the spirits industry. At the start of August, Diageo increased its shareholding in category leader Seedlip, which launched what is thought to be the world’s first non-alcoholic apéritif range last year, called Aecorn.