Savoia debuts in the US

Dec 6, 2022by Alice Brooker

Aperitivo Savoia Americano Rosso has partnered with restaurant chain Eaterly and distributor Panebianco Wines to launch in the States.

The ‘vino aperitivo’ was created by Italicus liqueur creator Giuseppe Gallo in 2021. Made in Turin, Italy, the liquid was inspired by the original recipe for bitter di Milano, which Gallo found in a historic book from the 1980s as he researched wine-based aperitivos. Savoia is made up of vermouth from Turin, bitters from Milan and Marsala wine. Savoia is the ‘first of its kind’ to include Marsala, a fortified wine from the region surrounding the eponymous town in western Italy, in its recipe. To craft Americano Rosso, Gallo uses a base of Marsala and Trebbiano wines. The blend is then flavoured with 20 botanicals – including mandarin orange, bitter orange, gentian root, pink grapefruit and rhubarb – through traditional extraction techniques, maceration, distillation and cold extraction. It is currently available in more than 10 countries in Europe. The bottling sits at 18.6% ABV, and will be available in states New York and New Jersey through Panebianco Wines, and in the on-trade through Eataly Flatiron and at Serra Rooftop, both located in Manhattan. It was designed to ‘revitalise the Americano apéritif wine category’, representing a mid-point between bitters and red vermouth. The brand is aimed at premium bars, restaurants and hotels. Savoia Americano Rosso can be bought in 500ml bottles from retailers for US$24.90. In August, the brand signed a distribution deal with Ten Locks to make it available in the UK on-trade.

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