Sanctified Spirits unveils ‘in-bottle-finished’ range

by Owen Bellwood

Sanctified Spirits has launched Oak & Eden, a new range of "in-bottle-finished" whiskeys, each containing a five-inch spiral of American oak.

The brand's first rye and Bourbon expressions are bottled with a 'spire' of American oak that has been charred to extract its flavour and add “spice, smoothness and character” to the whiskey. Joe Giildenzopf, CEO of Sanctified Spirits, said: "We start with spirit, straight American whiskey, in two varieties, Bourbon and rye. "Next, using our patent-pending process, we add wood, a five-inch long spiral cut piece of American oak to each bottle, we call this our spire." The whiskey has been inspired by American creators, who "endure long-suffering to refine their craft". Brad Neathery, creative director at Oak & Eden, said: "It's a struggle, long and arduous. That's why we share our creation: amazing whiskey, inspired from within by our spire, enabling our in-bottle finishing, defining our flavour and perfecting our creation." Oak & Eden in-bottle finished is available in Bourbon, finished with a toasted oak spire and Rye, finished with a charred oak spire. The brand has plans to release further "in-bottle finished" expressions later this year, the first will be a "Cabernet-steeped" variety, which uses a French oak spire soaked in Cabernet Sauvignon for six weeks.