Ross & Squibb debuts Remus High Rye Bourbon

by Alice Brooker

Luxco-owned distillery Ross & Squibb has extended its Remus whiskey range in the US with the addition of Highest Rye Bourbon.

Remus Highest Rye Bourbon has been aged for six years, and has a mash bill consisting of 51% corn, 39% rye and 10% malted rye. “With Remus Highest Rye Bourbon, our team pays tribute to Ross & Squibb Distillery’s rye tradition by selecting a mash bill that features the most rye a Bourbon can offer,” said Ross & Squibb Distillery master distiller Ian Stirsman. “This Bourbon delivers a sweet, rich fruit and maple aroma and a palate containing robust candied-fruit notes, followed by a lingering finish highlighted by notes of spicy cinnamon and saddle leather.” Based in Indiana, US, Ross & Squibb has produced Bourbon since 1947. It is named after two historic distilleries in Lawrenceburg: Rossville Distillery and WP Squibb & Co. “Our Remus Bourbon brand takes its inspiration from the finest Bourbons of the Prohibition era, and with Remus Highest Rye Bourbon we offer a salute to the enormous popularity of rye whiskey heading into this period,” said Shanae Randolph, marketing director-brands for Luxco Branded Spirits. “We believe rye drinkers and high-rye Bourbon drinkers alike will become fast fans of this newest addition to the Remus Bourbon brand family.” The Bourbon clocks in at 54.5% ABV and retails for RRP £59 (US$76.26). The bottling will be available in the Europe from 1 January 2024. Earlier this month, NFL star Chris Long teamed up with Ross & Squibb Distillery to bring clean, safe water to 1,600 people in southern Kenya. In May this year, Luxco agreed to buy Penelope Bourbon for US$105 million. Luxco is a subsidiary of MGP Ingredients. MGP Ingredients will close its distillery in Kansas next year due to headwinds facing its grain-neutral spirits.

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