Rock Rose Gin launches refill pouches

by Owen Bellwood

Scottish spirits producer Dunnet Bay Distillers has launched a refill scheme for its Rock Rose Gin, which posts recyclable pouches of gin to drinkers across the UK.

Dunnet Bay Distillers, the UK’s most northerly mainland distillery, is encouraging gin fans to hold onto their empty bottles of Rock Rose Gin and refill them using its new scheme. Drinkers will be able to order a 700ml pouch of Rock Rose Gin online, once this has been delivered they can decant it into their empty bottle and post the pouch back to the Scottish distillery, where it will be recycled. Each pouch has the distillery's address printed on the back, so there is no need for an envelope or stamp. According to Dunnet Bay Distillers, the recyclable refill pouches will help reduce the energy spent in shipping its Rock Rose Gin out to customers, as the pouches weigh 65g rather than 700g for its ceramic bottles. The scheme was developed in partnership with PA Consulting. After carrying out 12 months of research, PA created the lightweight refill pouches, which can be recycled by Terracycle. Dunnet Bay hopes to have a fully biodegradable refill pouch by 2025. Available to purchase on the distillery's website soon, the pouches will also be available from select retailers.