Rebel Rabbet launches truffle and caviar spirit

Mar 4, 2019by Owen Bellwood

London-based brand Rebel Rabbet has launched its third 'category-defying' spirit: RES:3 End of Austerity, made with white truffle, Beluga caviar and orris root.

RES:3 End of Austerity is the third spirit to join the brand’s Rebel Exile Spirits range and is said to be “the world’s most affordable spirit with the world’s most expensive ingredients”. Flavoured with Alba white truffle and vacuum distilled orris root, the spirit has been chill-filtered through Beluga caviar. Bottled at 44% abv, End of Austerity is recommended served over ice or mixed with soda. Only 100 700ml bottles of RES:3 End of Austerity have been produced, each priced at £49.99 (US$66) and individually numbered and signed by the co-founders. It is available to purchase through The brand was developed by London Distillery Company’s Matt McGivern and Dylan Bell and was created to produce spirits that were “not constrained by category restrictions” Bell said: “The most important factors were pushing our spirit ideas as far as we could take them and building our spirits from the grain up. “That’s why collaborating with local brewers, designers and producers was vital in the development of the RES series. We want to revive forgotten spirits and recipes in the most authentic way possible but also not take ourselves too seriously.” The brand will release a new spirit each month; every release will be non-classified and by the end of 2019 there will be 13 expressions in the RES series. When all 13 spirits have been released the brand will auction a complete set of Rebel Exile Spirits, and will donate the money raised to charity.