Pusser’s 15-year-old rum given new recipe

Jan 28, 2019by Owen Bellwood

Navy-inspired rum brand Pusser’s has updated the recipe for its 15-year-old expression and increased the price of the bottling following supply chain issues.

The 15-year-old blend is now made from a combination of aged wooden pot still and column still rums. The column still rum used in the bottling is now sourced from a distillery in Guyana. The brand has also updated the packaging for the expression to reflect the higher retail price commanded by the new recipe. Pusser’s CEO Gary Rogalski said: “We decided to re-package the 15-year-old blend for two reasons: first, the cost of the raw wooden pot still 15-year-old component had increased significantly, and secondly, the column-stilled component of the blend previously supplied by Trinidad Distillers was no longer available to us when they made the strategic decision to stop exporting their aged rum stocks. “We replaced the component supplied by Trinidad Distillers with a similar rum from Guyana, which was again significantly more expensive. This required an increase in the consumer price on what is arguably the best rum in the world; so we thought it deserved a bottle, label and display box more in sync with its ‘crown jewel’ stature." The new Pusser’s 15 Year Old is said to have aromas of demerara sugar, molasses, dried fruits and spices on the nose. It is described as being full-bodied and round with a “warm, smooth, long and memorable” finish. Pusser’s has produced 3,000 cases of its 15-year-old rum, with 1,000 being distributed in the US, Europe and the UK respectively. Bottled at 40% abv, Pusser’s 15 Year Old is available for £65 (US$85) per 700ml bottle.