Puente Internacional launches La Luna Mezcal

Apr 17, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Mexican spirits producer Puente Internacional has expanded its spirits range with the launch of La Luna Mezcal in the US.

The new expression is produced in Michoacán, Mexico, using sustainable and biodynamic techniques, as well as traditional processes. To make La Luna Mezcal, piñas are smoked in volcanic rock lined pits for several days, giving the expression "light smoky undertones, notes of citrus blossom and vanilla bean". As part of the production of La Luna Mezcal, Puente Internacional has partnered with the Perez Escot Family to support farmers, the surrounding communities and the wildlife around the family's agave plantations. In recent years, the demand for agave has boomed, reaching a point where the sustainability of agave production has become "jeopardised". While the shortage and premature harvesting of blue agave has posed serious issues for many regions of Mexico, Puente and the Perez Escot Family have pledged to replant 10 agave plants for each one harvested for the production of spirits. Salvador Chavez, CEO of Puente Internacional, said: “There is opportunity to do better in almost everything we do: from biodynamic farming to fair wages for workers; sustainable agave and protection of native wildlife – everything from the farm to the consumer.”