Provision Spirits debuts Milam and Greene whiskey brand

by Melita Kiely

Ben Milam Whiskey producer Provision Spirits has unveiled a new flagship brand, called Milam and Greene Whiskey.

The new range is said to reflect “Texas terroir” with its first expressions: Triple Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Casks. “Our new Milam and Greene Whiskey represents the future of our distillery and has been a long time in the making,” said Marsha Milam, partner. “This is the first bottling of whiskey that our team distilled in Blanco, Texas. This straight Bourbon has been ageing in our rickhouse for more than two years.” Milam and Greene Whiskey was created by CEO, partner and master blender Heather Greene; master distiller Marlene Holmes; and chief brewer Jordan Osborne. Made with American grains from Texas, Oregon, Wyoming and Washington, Osborne brews the mash for the Triple Cask Straight Bourbon with a proprietary yeast recipe from Texas and Kentucky. Holmes then distills a "rich and spicy" spirit in a 300-gallon Vendome copper pot still. Finally, Greene selects casks of aged whiskeys from Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky to blend with the Texas-distilled spirit. Milam and Greene Bourbon has been aged in level four charred new American oak casks. The rye was finished in hand-selected casks previously used to age Port wine. Greene said: “We set out to make a whiskey for whiskey lovers who are as serious about taste as they are passionate about the people who create it. “Each bottle of Milam and Greene captures the very best of the total American whiskey experience with grains from across the US, exquisite Texas limestone filtered water and climate, whiskey aged to optimal maturity in pristine casks and an incredible whiskey making team in Texas. "Our own spirit distilled and aged in Blanco, Texas, is the core of our Triple Cask Bourbon. We will continue to age it in Texas and will also send some to age in other states to see the effect of climate on our whiskey. We are on a mission to determine the factors that contribute to making the very best whiskey possible.” Milam and Greene Triple Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey (US$42.99) is made from 70% Texas corn, 22% malted rye from Oregon and Washington, and 8% Wyoming barley. It is said to have "refined and elegant aromas with pops of vanilla, floral and spice". Milam and Greene Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Casks (US$47.99) offers aromas of "cinnamon, chocolate, dark fruits and blackberries.