Prohibition era inspires Mob 33 Gold Heist Rum

by Owen Bellwood

Distribution agency Legacy Brands has unveiled a new rum inspired by the Prohibition era, called Mob 33 Gold Heist Rum.

Mob 33 Gold Heist Rum is a blend of five-, three- and two-year-old Latin American and Caribbean golden rums distilled using pot and column stills. Matured in ex-Bourbon oak casks, Mob 33 Rum is produced without the addition of sugar or colourings. The rum is also vegan-friendly and GMO-free. Gary Squire, CEO of Legacy Brands, said: “With the interminable lockdown feeding our rebellious nature, we wanted to approach the rum category with creativity and to challenge the classic approach to making quality rums; building on the traditions of age and origin, we have been able to demonstrate that blending the best of the Caribbean creates a fantastically complex rum. "We are committed to making the Mob 33 brand a success in the UK in the travel retail sector and in all the rum-drinking countries across the world. "Mob 33 Gold Heist is a premium, accessible rum, aimed at millennial and open-minded consumers who want to satisfy their inquisitive nature. Gold Heist will be the first of a number of innovative players under the Mob 33 brand that will bring new attitude and credibility to the spirits category.” Mob 33 Gold Heist Rum is bottled at 40% ABV and priced at £27.99 (US$39) per 700ml bottle.