Primo Aperitivo grows bottled cocktail range

Nov 29, 2021by Kate Malczewski

Seven Hills Gin owner Mercury Spirits has added two new ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails to its Primo Aperitivo collection.

The Sbagliato and the Americano have joined the Negroni in Primo Aperitivo's range of classic Italian serves. Primo Aperitivo founder Filippo Previero, an Italian-born mixologist, developed the brand to provide modern interpretations of classic cocktails. “We wanted to create a range of high-quality, authentic Italian aperitivo cocktails that encapsulate and deliver a real aperitivo experience that is accessible, enjoyable and unique to each drinker," Previero said. First created in Milan in 1960, the Sbagliato is said to have been invented by mistake when a bartender accidentally swapped gin for sparkling wine when making a Negroni, for a drink that mixes fizz with red bitter and sweet vermouth. Primo's version is best served poured over ice in a rocks glass, garnished with a grapefruit slice. The Americano is also a Negroni riff, but switches gin for soda water. The brand recommends serving it in a Highball glass with a lemon slice. Both cocktails are produced at the Casoni distillery in Modena, Italy, and are carbonated upon bottling. All spirits and liqueurs used in the drinks are made at the distillery, which employs 100% renewable energy. "It's important for us to be innovative and bring 'made in Italy' around the world but we have to be authentic and mindful of sustainability," Previero commented. Primo Aperitivo Sbagliato, Americano and Negroni are available in 500ml bottles from, with RRPs ranging from £25.99-£28.99 (US$34.67-US$38.67). In July, Mercury Spirits secured a distribution deal for its Seven Hills Gin brand with Marussia Beverages UK.