Poetic License moves into gin-based liqueurs

by Owen Bellwood

Poetic License distillery, based on England's north east coast, is set to release four new liqueurs made from its Old Tom and Northern Dry gins.

The flavours will include: Blackcurrant and Ginger, St Clements, Sarsaparilla, and Baked Apple and Salted Caramel. Poetic License owner Mark Hird said: “We wanted to create flavours we think people will love that will transport them to eating and drinking their favourite treats. "Our blackcurrant based liqueur I would almost liken to a boozy Ribena, our baked apple iteration is reminiscent of apple strudels with an added dollop of syrupy sweetness and Sarsaparilla is a throw-back to the much-loved soda pop.” The Blackcurrant and Ginger liqueur is a “warming, fruity drink with lingering spiced berry flavours” while the St Clements flavour “delivers tart, bittersweet flavours of lemon and orange". Meanwhile, the sweet aniseed flavour of Sarsaparilla “works surprisingly well to create an unusual yet delightful liqueur” and the baked apple and salted caramel flavour has notes of “sweet, cooked apple backed up by warming cinnamon and seasoned caramel". The new liqueurs join Poetic License’s core range of Northern Dry Gin (43.2% abv), Old Tom Gin at (41.6% abv) and Graceful Vodka at (40.4% abv) and are available in 50cl bottles for £19.95 (US$26).