Penderyn to produce Siddiqui rums

Feb 17, 2020by admin

Welsh distillery Penderyn has partnered with California-based Siddiqui Rums Corporation to produce, bottle and distribute the company’s spirits for international markets.

Penderyn will initially release two expressions of Siddiqui, which is the Arabic word for ‘friend’. The first rum is Siddiqui Brown Rum, which is described as having a “distinctive whisky-like” smoky and oaky note. The second spirit is Siddiqui White Rum, which is said to be “sweet, smooth and very drinkable”. It is recommended for mixing in cocktails. Both expressions have been bottled at 40% ABV. Stephen Davies, Penderyn’s chief executive, said: “It was hard to resist such a compelling story, which many people will relate to, along with a recipe that has been perfected over a long period of time.”