Peerless Distilling Co moves into single barrel rye

by Owen Bellwood

Kentucky's Peerless Distilling Co has launched its inaugural single barrel straight rye whiskeys.

Three new Peerless single cask whiskeys have been hand-selected by Peerless head distiller Caleb Kilburn and are the distillery's first single barrel straight rye whiskeys. Matured in three different casks, each barrel is said highlight the flavour profiles found in rye whiskey. Kilburn said: "For me, the single barrel programme is about showcasing the three individual flavour pillars that go into making our Flagship: oak and pepper, fruit and floral and caramel and vanilla." The oak and pepper rye has a “familiar rye spice with sweet or toasted oak, tobacco and even baking spices” while the fruits and floral is for “those that enjoy Scotch or an aged product as it pulls citrus hints, berry notes and honey”. Finally, the caramel and vanilla expression gives the whiskey “maple and brown sugar notes along with caramel and vanilla". Kilburn said: “Each one creates a unique experience that represents the complexity of Peerless Rye Whiskey." The distillery released its two-year-old rye whiskey for the first time in spring. Peerless made its first Bourbon in 1889 but closed its doors in 1917. Almost a hundred years later, the distillery was resurrected by the founder's great-grandson in 2015. The Peerless Distilling Co produces its spirits under one roof, meaning all its grains are milled, cooked, fermented, double-distilled, and barrelled at the distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.