Patrón unveils Sherry-matured Tequila

by Alice Brooker

Bacardi-owned Patrón has released a limited edition añejo Tequila aged in Sherry casks.

The Sherry Cask Aged Añejo Tequila was crafted by master distiller David Rodriguez at Patrón’s Hacienda distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Rodriguez blended Tequila that was matured for more than two years in Spanish oak casks, which were once used to produce oloroso Sherry. "Our new Sherry Cask Aged Añejo Tequila reveals the special multi-dimensional nature of Patrón, and its ability to imbue delightfully unique flavours to classic cocktails that are traditionally crafted using other spirits," commented Rodriguez. "Not only that, but this Tequila features a distinct and exceptional taste profile, with more pronounced and complex aromas. I am enormously proud of this innovation and can't wait for people to try this Tequila, which is a reflection of our masterful process that demands painstaking artisanal talent." On the nose, the expression presents aromas of fresh apricots, pear, banana and vanilla pudding. The palate offers an array of notes including fig preserves, stone fruit compote, caramel, coconut and toasted walnuts, with a hint of pecan nuts. The finish is said to be long with the flavour of baked pear. Patrón Sherry Cask Aged Añejo Tequila is available in limited quantities in the US on for RRP US$79.99 per 750ml bottle. In 2016, Patrón introduced a similar bottling as a travel retail exclusive: a Patrón Cask Collection Sherry Añejo. The ultra-premium Tequila was matured in Spanish oloroso Sherry casks.