Patrón unveils its oldest Tequila to date

Sep 18, 2019by Owen Bellwood

Bacardi-owned Patrón Tequila has released its oldest bottling to date: Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años.

The limited edition Tequila was aged in a blend of American oak and hybrid American and French Limousin barrels. "The release of Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años is an incredible milestone for Patrón," said Adrian Parker, global vice president of marketing for Patrón Tequila. "We are one of a handful of Tequila brands to create a Tequila of this age and calibre and are extremely proud to have another outstanding product join our expanding range of aged Tequilas. “We are seeing tremendous growth in the aged Tequila category as traditional Cognac, rum and whiskey drinkers discover the versatility of Patrón and enjoy the distinct, complex flavour profiles that our aged portfolio has to offer. "Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años further demonstrates our innovation and craft that goes into making every expression of Patrón." Made using 100% blue weber agave from the fields of Atotonilco, Mexico, Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años is said to have "a remarkable balance between agave notes and unique flavour characteristics". The new Tequila has aromas of "intense vanilla, dry fruits and citrus," while the palate is said to be smooth and sweet with a "long and luxurious" finish. Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años is bottled in a replica of the very first Patrón bottle and the stopper is made from handblown glass. Exclusively available in the US, Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años is bottled at 40% ABV and carries a suggested retail price of US$349 for a 750ml bottle.