Oxford Artisan Distillery creates pink gin liqueur

Feb 21, 2020by Melita Kiely

English producer The Oxford Artisan Distillery is tapping into the pink spirits trend with the launch of a gin liqueur, called Cuisse de Nymphe.

The name translates from French into English as ‘blush on a maiden’s thigh’. Botanicals used to make the gin liqueur include juniper, rose petals, apples and citrus. Locally foraged damson and sloe berries were also used to make the gin liqueur. The apples used to make the gin liqueur were sources from local organic orchards and pressed by Oxford apple juicer Tiddly Pommes. Bottled at 22% ABV, Cuisse de Nymphe is available to purchase from The Oxford Artisan Distillery in Oxford, UK, for RRP £20 (US$26) per 200ml bottle. It can also be purchased online at spiritoftoad.co.uk.