Old Forester to release 2017 Birthday Bourbon

by Amy Hopkins

Brown-Forman is set to launch Old Forester’s 2017 Birthday Bourbon next month in homage to brand founder George Garvin Brown.

Every year since 2002, Old Forester has marked its founder’s birthday on 2 September with a 12-year-old limited edition Bourbon release. The 2017 Birthday Bourbon is a combination of 93 barrels matured in Old Forester’s G warehouse, and 27 barrels matured in K warehouse. This year, there will be more of the limited edition available than in previous years, according to Brown-Forman. The 2017 Birthday Bourbon will be available in two different proofs – 96 and 95.6 – as alcohol vapours were lost during the first transfer of Bourbon from the holding tank to the bottling line. The first run of bottles will be available from 2 September and the second shortly afterwards. Kentucky is the only state that will receive both proofs. Florida and Georgia will receive the 95.4 proof expression and remaining states will receive the 96 proof bottling. Both versions of the 2017 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon carry an RRP of US$79.99. Brown-Forman is currently building a new distillery for Old Forester, with an investment of US$45 million.