Oklahoma Becomes 40th State to Allow Sunday Spirits Sales

by The Staff

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin today signed a bill into law that will allow state retailers to sell spirits on Sundays.

The new law removes a Prohibition-era blue law.
The law allows retail package liquor stores to sell alcohol on Sunday on a local-option basis beginning October 1, 2018.

“We applaud Governor Fallin for responding to consumers who overwhelmingly want the choice and convenience of purchasing spirits when shopping on Sunday,” says Distilled Spirits Council Vice President Dale Szyndrowski. “Oklahomans will now be able to vote, county by county, to allow for the purchase of alcohol on the second busiest shopping day of the week.”

“This will go a long way to protecting the small, retail businesses that were negatively impacted by a loss of foot traffic due to last year’s decision to allow wine sales in grocery stores,” Szyndrowski adds. 

Earlier this year, Minnesota also voted to allow Sunday alcohol sales. Since 2002, 18 states have passed Sunday sales legislation bringing the total to 40 states across the country.  

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