Oak & Eden unveils Cabernet-steeped whiskey

by Owen Bellwood

American drinks producer Sanctified Spirits has expanded its Oak & Eden bottle-finished whiskey range with a Cabernet-steeped expression.

Oak & Eden in-bottle finished Bourbon whiskeys contain a spire of wood, which is designed to further develop the whiskey’s flavour as it is stored. Joe Giildenzopf, Sanctified Spirits CEO, said: "All of our whiskeys are finished in-bottle with a spire of wood. What makes this expression so unique is the spire of wood is made from French oak that rested in Texas Cabernet." Oak & Eden’s Cabernet Steeped Bourbon & Vine is made from two-year-old Bourbon that has been distilled from corn, rye and barley. The whiskey is bottled with a spiral cut piece of French oak that has been charred and rested in Texas Cabernet Sauvignon for eight weeks. Giildenzopf added: “This adds a richness, depth of character and smoothness to our Bourbon that is unexpected and truly exceptional." Bottled at 45% abv, Oak & Eden produced just 2,400 individually numbered and signed bottles of its Cabernet Steeped Bourbon & Vine. The new expression, distributed by Republic National Distributing Company, will be available in select retailers across Texas and Oklahoma later this month. Oak & Eden will also be expanding its distribution into Louisiana and Colorado in the first quarter of 2019. Giildenzopf also announced plans to expand the range of bottle-finished expressions, he said: "In February 2019, we will be releasing a rum-infused rye whiskey, whereby we rest an American oak spire in a molasses and panela inspired rum prior to using it to finish, in-bottle, our rye whiskey."