Oak & Eden expands ‘in-bottle-finished’ range

Jul 22, 2019by Owen Bellwood

American drinks producer Sanctified Spirits has partnered with Texas-based Rahr & Sons Brewery to launch two new "in-bottle-finished" whiskeys under its Oak & Eden brand.

The Oak & Eden Ale Series features the Rahr Soaked Malted Oak and Rahr Soaked Hopped Oak, each bottled with a five-inch spiral piece of American oak. The Rahr Soaked Malted Oak consists of Oak & Eden Bourbon bottled with a heavily toasted American oak spire soaked in Rahr & Sons Iron Thistle Scottish Ale. The Rahr Soaked Hopped Oak consists of Oak & Eden rye alongside a lightly toasted American oak spire soaked in Rahr & Sons Dadgum IPA. "This has been a collaboration like no other,” says Joe Gillidenzopf, CEO of Oak & Eden. “Most people wouldn’t think beer and whiskey would go hand-in-hand, but the unique combination of sweet, oaky notes coming from our whiskey, mixed with the depth and character of Rahr & Sons beers produce a rich sensation of whiskey on the palate with beer on the finish.” Available in select specialist retailers across Texas and Oklahoma, the Oak & Eden Ale Series is bottled at 45% abv.