Oak & Eden creates bottle-finished wheated Bourbon

Dec 20, 2019by Owen Bellwood

American drinks producer Sanctified Spirits has added a wheated Bourbon to its Oak & Eden bottle-finished whiskey range.

After bottling at 45% ABV, Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire is "brought to life" with the addition of a French oak spire, which the brand says introduces "new, silky botanicals" to the whiskey. It is made using a mashbill of 51% corn, 45% wheat and 4% malted barley. The resulting whiskey is said to have “all the sweetness and creaminess traditionally found in Bourbon, but with virtually no bite on the finish”. Once distilled, Wheat & Spire was matured for two years in new barrels made of American oak – producing a "rich, deep yet sweet spirit" – before being bottled with the oak spire. Priced at US$44 per bottle, Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire is described as being a “rich, fruity” whiskey with a “silky finish”. Earlier this year, the American producer partnered with Texas-based Rahr & Sons Brewery to launch two whiskeys finished with spires soaked in the brewer's beers.