Nusa Caña Spiced Island Rum set to launch

Mar 3, 2020by Melita Kiely

Indonesian rum brand Nusa Caña is preparing to release its first line extension across Asia, Australia and Europe – Nusa Caña Spiced Island rum.

The brand first launched in the UK in 2018 with an aim of reminding consumers about “one of rum’s forgotten stories”, that being rum made in Indonesia. Nusa Caña is the brainchild of Marc Rodrigues and Sam Jeveons, expat industry professionals who are living and working in Asia. The new variant, which will launch in April, was inspired by the ‘Spice Islands’ of Indonesia, the Moluccas islands, and is made with six natural spices and flavours, which are blended into the rum: nutmeg, clove, ginger, coffee, cacao and pineapple. Nusa Caña Spiced Island rum is described as being a “fun, rich, layered, dry-spiced rum”. Tasting notes include spiced pineapple fruitcake and raw sugarcane. “The genesis of the Nusa Caña brand is to showcase to the rest of the world the quality, history and pedigree of Asian-influenced spirits, with the vision to bring back the forgotten story of Indonesian rum,” said Rodrigues. “The long awaited release of our Spiced Island rum is helping us achieve our vision and tell the story to a wider audience.” Bottled at 40% ABV, except in Australia where it has been bottled at 37.5% ABV, Nusa Caña Spiced Island rum has been priced at RRP £26 (US£33). It will be available in 700ml, 750ml and one-litre formats. Jeveons said: “I was always excited to create a spiced variant for our portfolio as I know Indonesian rum’s reputation as a flavour amplifier would make it the perfect canvas on which to showcase Indonesian-inspired flavours. “Nusa Caña is helping to put Indonesia firmly back on the map. Born of ancient days, blended for modern nights, Nusa Caña Spiced Island rum, with its rugged Indonesian heart and straight up attitude, is great on the rocks and a fantastic addition to citrus, spiced and earthy-led tropical cocktails. It’s one for mixing and having fun with, not to be kept sitting on the back bar.” UK sales of spiced and flavoured rum grew by 80% between 2014 and 2019 to surpass 10 million bottles, according to figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association released in November last year.