Nucano Mezcal heads to Europe

by Georgie Collins

Mezcal producer Nucano has secured a distribution deal to expand its reach in Europe via Anker Amsterdam Spirits.

Together with the European distributor, Nucano will introduce two new expressions to the European market: Barril Nucano Mezcal, and Arroqueño Nucano Mezcal. The Barril expression is said to boast aromas of wet earth, with a lightly smoky and slightly sweet green smell. On the palate, it is described as having a dry, mineral and vegetal taste, with a slightly bitter and intense finish. Meanwhile, the Arroqueño expression is made with 100% Arroqueño agave, which offers sweet, mild and slightly smoky notes on the nose, with mineral flavours together with chocolate, fresh fruit and a ‘nice little itchy sensation’ on the tongue. Nucano Mezcal says it believes in the beauty of its Mexican culture and traditions, which it shares with the world via its mezcal. It uses a 'completely authentic' means of production, which results in ‘an artisanal mezcal of the highest quality’, made in line with the Mexican culture and its traditions. The agave is harvested by hand in the region of San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca, and the brand utilises kernel cooking in a traditional conical earth oven. The milling is carried out by horses, and fermentation takes place in wooden caskets. It is distilled in a copper pot using a wood fire. All of this is said to preserve the 100% artisanal ways of mezcal production. The new mezcal expressions can be ordered from Anker Amsterdam Spirits, with the Arroqueño available for RRP €70 (US$78) and the Barril for RRP €65 (US$73). Last month, a distiller warned that the mezcal industry must avoid ‘irresponsible’ agave farming and wild harvesting to preserve the category’s future.

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