Nomad Outland to launch Bourbon-based iteration

by Amy Hopkins

Spanish drinks group González Byass is planning to extend its innovative Nomad Outland brand by partnering with a Bourbon producer.

In 2014, the group teamed up with The Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson to launch Nomad Outland – a whisky distilled and blended in Scotland but aged in Spain. Over 30 single malt and grain Scotch whiskies of between five and eight years were selected by Paterson to blend and age in Sherry butts in Scotland for a further three years. The blend is then shipped to Jerez to age in PX casks for a minimum of 12 months. Due to its maturation in Spain, Nomad Outland cannot be called Scotch whisky. Speaking to The Spirits Business at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes earlier this month, González Byass CEO Jorge Grosse said the group is now working on a Bourbon-based iteration of Nomad Outland aged in Jerez. Nomad Outland will also unveil an expression that has been further aged in oloroso casks after PX maturation. In González Byass’s gin portfolio, the group is planning to launch a GTR-exclusive design for its The London No.1 gin brand next year. The firm is also experimenting with Sherry-cask aged gin.