NIO creates RTD cocktail box

by Alice Brooker

Italian brand NIO Cocktails has teamed up with liqueur maker Amaro Del Ciclista to launch a limited edition box containing four pre-mixed serves.

NIO cocktails was established in 2017 by entrepreneurs Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarin. The partnership with Amaro Del Ciclista celebrates the drinks and cycling aspect of Italian culture, with one cocktail dedicated to bike riding. The box offers four ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails that 'reinterpret the consumption of bitters with a contemporary twist'. The cocktails include the Negroni Sharing, with vermouth replaced by Amaro del Ciclista, and Bitter del Ciclista 'enhancing the flavour of the drink'. Next up, the Vieux Sharing, which is a twist on a Vieux Carré serve with a 'Cosmopolitan touch', and includes Cognac and dry Sherry; while Bike Sharing is the 'Italian version of a Tommy's Margarita', and contains Tequila, Amaro del Ciclista and Bitter del Ciclista. Finally, Express Sharing plays on the Espresso Martini, featuring Bulleit Bourbon, Amaro del Ciclista, Alamea Hawaiian Coffee Liqueur and Toschi sugar syrup. The RTD range presents an ABV ranging from 22%-28.8%. To serve, consumers simply shake the 100ml package and pour its contents over ice into a glass. The drinks have been blended by master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, the founder of Drink Kong bar in Rome, Italy. NIO recently expanded its global presence and launched its first retail shop in the US state of California.