Next Frontier Brands acquires Bottomley Distillers

Oct 7, 2020by Owen Bellwood

Wellness company Next Frontier Brands has purchased UK-based Bottomley Distillers and will invest £5 million (US$6.4m) in the business over the next two years.

Next Frontier Brands produces Cannabidiol (CBD) products including the Quindness and Human Qind brands. The acquisition will mark the company’s first foray into the spirits industry. Founded by Alan Bottomley and Amy Conyard, Bottomley Distillers currently produces its Pin Gin and Rum Cat brands. The distillery is also laying down casks of spirit that will age to become Lincolnshire whisky. The merger will see the Pin Gin producer move to a new distillery, which is 10 times larger than its current Lincolnshire site. Next Frontier aims to create jobs in the UK through the acquisition and has pledged at least £5m to fund the growth of the business over the next two years. Conyard said: “We could have never imagined that we would achieve what we have in just four years. We have worked tirelessly to build relationships county and countrywide and are immensely proud of being an integral part of putting Lincolnshire on the distillery map. “We cannot wait for what the future holds with Next Frontier Brands and look forward to growing with them.” Dean Draper, Next Frontiers' European managing director, said: “We will use Next Frontiers expertise and international distribution platform to turn Pin Gin into a global brand."