New Holland Spirits launches Lake Life Vodka

by Melita Kiely

Michigan-based New Holland Spirits has created a new vodka brand, called Lake Life Vodka.

Inspired by the Great Lakes in the US, Lake Life Vodka is said to have a subtle sweetness with hints of spice, leading to a “crisp, clean and quick” finish. Bottled at 40% abv, the vodka is available from supermarkets and independent retailers across Michigan for an RRP of US$19.99 per 750ml. Brad Kamphuis, director of distillery operations at New Holland Brewing Co, said: “Lake Life stands on its own in the vodka category while keeping true to our craft roots. “We’re proud to distil in Michigan and have bottled the feeling that arises on Friday afternoon when heading out for a weekend at the lake. “We wanted to create a vodka for locals that truly goes hand in hand with beach and boat excursions.”