New Chilgrove gin celebrates Australia and England

May 10, 2017by Amy Hopkins

UK-based Chilgrove Spirits has released a new iteration of its grape-based gin that uses both English and Australian botanicals.

Chilgrove Bluewater Gin is said to “draw inspiration from the rich history that exists between England and Australia, both in terms of the early explorers and settlers and also the subsequent maritime trade-routes”. Distilled using 100% grape-based spirit and spring water from Sussex, UK, the limited edition gin contains four Australian botanicals and four English botanicals, which are illustrated at the side of the bottle. The Australian botanicals include: finger lime, lemon myrtle, riberry and Davidson plum. English botanicals include: mint, savory, angelica and coriander. “Chilgrove Bluewater Edition embraces these native botanicals to create a gin that marries distinctive Australian flavours alongside a backbone of quintessentially English ingredients,” the brand said. “The four hero Australian and English botanicals are depicted on each side of the bottle, whilst the neck label alludes to Captain James Cook’s first voyage aboard the HM Bark Endeavour during which he became the first European to map the entire coastline of New Zealand and land on Australia’s East coast, rather fittingly at Botany Bay.” In 2015, Chilgrove released what it claimed was the first British vodka distilled from grapes, following the launch of its inaugural gin in 2014.