Nemiroff Moon Edition celebrates space

Jan 17, 2022by Melita Kiely

Ukrainian vodka Nemiroff has dedicated its latest limited edition bottling to space.

Nemiroff Moon Edition was made to celebrate Ukrainian Satellite Sich-2-30’s launch into orbit, after it set off on the Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket. It is bottled at 40% ABV and will retail for around RRP £25 (US$34), although this will differ from market to market. Yuriy Sorochynskiy, CEO of Nemiroff, said: “A new era of space exploration is beginning – tourists discover space in rockets, and Ukraine is on the way to restore its status as a space state. “Ambitious and courageous pioneers – scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs – are those who inspired us to create a new product, the first galactic vodka Nemiroff Moon Edition.” The limited edition vodka is made with an extra 12th filtration stage, added to celebrate the 12 pioneers who have visited the moon. Yulia Teletska, Nemiroff brand ambassador, created a cocktail based on the new release: Nemiroff Golden Moon. The drink combines 30ml Nemiroff Moon Edition, 20ml Frangelico, 15ml medium Sherry, 5ml triple sec, and silver pastry glitter and round ice to garnish. Nemiroff has long supported space missions. Last year, the brand was named an official partner of robotics technology firm Spacebit’s 2022 lunar mission. In addition, last November, Nemiroff upped its sustainability efforts by converting the majority of its company documents to electronic form.