Muhu set to be UK’s ‘first’ CBD-infused gin

by Melita Kiely

An entrepreneur hopes to entice the millennial market with the launch of the UK’s "first" CBD-infused gin next month, called Muhu.

Created by Sally Wynter on a budget of £1,300 (US$1,616), Muhu gin has been made with sweet hibiscus and infused with CBD (cannabidiol), which is the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. The CBD used in the gin is imported from Canada and is cultivated from pesticide and chemical-free, organically grown hemp. The CBD added is said to be colourless and flavourless, and so it “does not impact the quality or clarity of the gin”. Wynter, Muhu founder, said: “I looked at the spirits market and despite gin acting as a catalyst for experimentation with flavours and colour we haven’t really seen anything truly innovative. “Muhu is looking to branch away from the traditional, provenance driven brands.” The brand takes its name from a beach shack on the west coast of Thailand, which Wynter visited during her travels around Asia. The bottle design aims to emulate sea waves, with the colours of purple and green chosen to represent the ingredients used the gin – purple for hibiscus and green for CBD.