Mr Trotter’s launches whisky and gin-scented candles

Nov 13, 2018by Amy Hopkins

British savoury snack brand Mr Trotter’s is aiming to make scented candles “more masculine” with the launch of a new range that simulates the aromas of Indian pale ale, gin and whisky.

Targeting Christmas shoppers, the Mr Trotter’s Great British Smells candle range includes an Indian pale ale scent, with aromas of malted barley and citrus hops; a gin variety, with notes of juniper, lavender, rosemary and lemon; and a whisky candle, which has “sensuously earthy notes of drying peat”. The trio has been produced by fragrance specialist Bahoma of East London. Rupert Ponsonby, co-founder of Mr Trotter’s, said of the candles: “They are aimed at boars every bit as much as sows. For too long, candles have been the preserve entirely of women. Mr Trotter’s aims to bring a more masculine offering to the market, created by fragrance specialist Bahoma of East London to add to their existing roster of exquisite products. “Pigs are known to have the sharpest noses, seeking out the finest things in life. We aim to mirror their prowess with our candles.” The scented candles are available in both glass jars (£15.95/US$20.60) and tins (£12.95/US$16.70).