Moskovskaya bottle celebrates Soviet Space Programme

Nov 11, 2019by Melita Kiely

Amber Beverage Group has unveiled a limited edition bottle design for Moskovskaya Vodka to celebrate 60 years since the Soviet Space Programme was launched.

The bottle, called Out of Space, pays homage to the 1959 event when Russian scientists launched the first spacecraft to fly as far as the moon, pass by it and capture images of its far side. The Moskovskaya Out of Space bottle will initially launch in Italy, Spain and the Baltic States. It carries the original Moskovskaya vodka, which is said to have a floral sweetness with hints of green grass, black pepper, fennel and citrus. Bottled at 38% ABV for most European markets, the vodka is available in 700ml bottles. Pepijn Janssens, chief marketing officer of Amber Beverage Group, said: “Amber Beverage is proud to announce the arrival of this limited edition Moskovskaya, which pays tribute to the pioneers of space travel. “As pioneers of the vodka category, we want to celebrate the efforts of humankind to be bold and reach for new heights. “With this limited edition, we want to showcase the Moskovskaya brand’s own journey in reaching for the stars with a new bottle design and creative direction.”