Milestone Beverages launches Onikishi Japanese whisky

by Owen Bellwood

Hong Kong-based Milestone Beverages has unveiled a blended Japanese whisky, called Onikishi.

Onikishi derives its name from the Japanese words 'Oni' meaning demon and 'Kishi' meaning knight. The whisky is made using spirit matured in white oak barrels. The premium Japanese blend is described as ‘a splendid modern dram’, which can be served neat, with carved ice, or mixed into cocktails. Bottled at 43% ABV, Onikishi has woody aromas followed by notes of honey and subtle floral heather. On the palate, it offers ‘an immediate rush of honey and vanilla’, which develops into flavours of caramel and cedar smoke. The finish features notes of wood and yuzu zest. Priced at HK$498 (US$64), Onikishi has initially launched in Hong Kong and China. The whisky will also roll out across Australia and Europe.