Lyre’s debuts alcohol-free ‘whisky’

by Alice Brooker

Non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ producer Lyre’s has released zero-ABV Highland Malt ‘whisky’ in Singapore.

Highland Malt will join Lyre’s range of 16 non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ and five ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails. David Murphy, Lyre’s flavour architect, said: “While Lyre’s spirits are true to taste, they have their own distinction as a premium non-alcoholic beverage, and therefore understanding the popularity of whisky, we wanted to deliver the same delicious taste but with a difference. “Whether served neat or in mixers, whisky is a firm favourite for many around the world and understanding this, we’ve worked tirelessly to study the aromas and tastes that whisky fans most enjoy to deliver the Highland Malt. “People who enjoy the taste of a great whisky can experience our non-alcoholic version in occasions where it would otherwise be just featuring the alcoholic equivalents – it extends the occasion to more people more often.” On the palate, Highland Malt leads with a soft earthiness, featuring light grain cereal, stone fruit and almond as well as additions of sea spray and lightly charred oak. The liquid is recommended served neat, on the rocks, or in a highball glass with cola or ginger ale. Highland Malt is now available to purchase in Singapore for S$59 (US$42.39) online through the brand's website. The bottling will also be available from select outlets in Singapore later this year. In February, the brand released its Agave Reserva and Agave Blanco bottlings, as well as its Pink London expression, in Singapore. Lyre's also recently partnered with with virtual assistant Amazon Alexa to teach consumers how to make booze-free cocktails.