Lyre’s brings no-ABV agave ‘spirits’ to Singapore

by Alice Brooker

Non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ producer Lyre’s has released its Agave Reserva and Agave Blanco bottlings, as well as its Pink London expression, in Singapore.

The three products join Lyre’s portfolio of 13 non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ and five canned cocktails available in Singapore. “We are thrilled to add Pink London and our new agave 'spirits', Agave Blanco and Agave Reserva to our ever-growing range," said Mark Livings, Lyre’s CEO and co-founder. "With these new additions, Lyre’s will be able to provide more options for sophisticated drinkers while we address the increasing global demand for different expressions of gin alternatives and agave 'spirits'.” The booze-free range is made up of natural flavours and distillates derived from seeds, botanicals, fruits and spices. The Agave Reserva presents aromas of lemon, agave and saline on the nose, and it suggested serve is a Rosa Negroni, mixed with the brand's Italian Spritz and Aperitif Dry. The Agave Blanco boasts notes of citrus, roasted agave and peppery spice, and is recommended for use in Margaritas and Palomas. Meanwhile, the Pink London Spirit is said to be best served with tonic water and lemon, or with aromatic bitters and elderflower tonic. Livings added: “Our mission is to offer as many non-alcoholic options as there are alcoholic. The addition of the Pink London and Agave 'spirits' uniquely positions our brand in the no-and-low category, and continues to evolve drinking culture towards choice." The bottlings are available to buy on Lyre’s website for RRP S$59 (US$43.86) each. In November last year, the brand revealed that it had secured £20 million (US$26.8m) in funding to increase its marketing and expand production. The producer also expanded its reach and launched in eight countries across the Middle East in 2021. For more insights from the brand, check out our report on the Athens Bar Show in 2021, where we spoke to Lyre's European brand ambassador Max Musson.