Lucas Bols creates 17th century-inspired genever

May 16, 2017by Annie Hayes

Dutch spirits producer Lucas Bols has launched Bols Genever 100% Malt Spirit, a limited edition bottling described as "genever in its purest form".

Created by master distiller Piet van Leijenhorst from a historic recipe, the variant is made from long-fermented corn, rye and wheat with juniper berries. Bols Genever 100% Malt Spirit is said to be "smooth and complex", offering both grainy, grassy notes and sweet honey and fruit flavours. “As master distiller for over 30 years, this is one of my favourite genever expressions as it truly showcases our unique malt spirit recipe," said Lijenhorst, "Bols Genever 100% Malt Spirit has a huge complexity and richness, for those who like to taste real genever in its most original and purest form. This special edition explains why all Bols Genevers are so unique in taste." The genever is distilled and hand-bottled at the Lucas Bols Distillery in Amsterdam, presented in a traditional clay jar. The company has been making the spirit since 1664 using a bespoke malt spirit recipe, which remains "at the heart" of its genever variants. Lucas Bols CEO, Huub van Doorne, said: "By launching the most original of genevers, we take genever back to before the birth of cocktails giving bartenders and consumers an original taste of this exciting spirit." Bols Genever 100% Malt Spirit will be available in selected outlets from October.