Louis XIII Cognac unveils ‘world’s largest’ decanter worth €350,000

Jan 24, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Rémy Cointreau has created a one-off, nine-litre crystal decanter for its Louis XIII Cognac brand, priced at €350,000 (US$431,000) and thought to be the largest in the world.

The Louis XIII Le Salmanazar decanter is made with 15kg of crystal and was created by 20 craftsmen from the Baccarat crystal house. It was created to honour past cellar masters of the Cognac house, who never had the opportunity to taste their final creations. Ludovic du Plessis, Louis XIII global executive director, said: "Innovation is written in the legacy of Louis XIII, renowned for rising to the greatest challenges and utmost heights. "Today Louis XIII creates Louis XIII Le Salmanazar, a decanter so rare, there is only one in the world. A collector’s masterpiece, this exquisitely unique decanter stands as the ultimate symbol of Louis XIII’s history, tradition and passion for rare craftsmanship." Due to its world beating proportions, the decanter needed a 'unique' way to access the Cognac housed within. Echoing the gestures performed by each cellar master, the Le Salmanazar decanter comes with a specially designed spear to decant the liquid, similar to those used by generations of cellar masters to sample and serve the Louis XIII blend. The Louis XIII Le Salmanazar will be available at the Louis XIII Boutique, which opened in Beijing SKP in 2016.