Lot No 40 rye whisky launches in UK

May 12, 2022by Alice Brooker

Drinks agency Speciality Brands has released Canadian whisky Lot No 40 Dark Oak, made from 100% rye, in the UK.

The whisky, from distiller Corby Spirit and Wine, is made from 100% rye grain and distilled first in a column still, followed by a copper pot still. Aged in lightly charred barrels, it was then being transferred to heavily charred American oak barrels for finishing. Master blender Dr Don Livermore said the expression "sets a new standard for Canadian rye whisky". "One hundred percent rye, pot distilled, double aged in number two and number four new white oak casks, and 48% ABV – this ticks all the boxes when making premium whisky," he said. "Absolutely one of my favourite whiskies in the world." Clocking in at 48% ABV, Lot No 40 Dark Oak will be available to purchase in the UK for RRP £65 (US$79.15). “Lot No 40 has already convinced whisky fans in the UK, and Lot No 40 Dark Oak is a great expression of what Canada has to offer in the premium segment. It is exciting to be able to further expand the category’s footprint in the UK and this new whisky is definitely a must-stock for operators,” said Chris Seale, managing director, Speciality Brands. The bottling is recommended served on the rocks, or in classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Earlier this year, a blended Canadian whisky was introduced to the US market. Rapper Asap Rocky teamed up with E&J Gallo for the launch of the brand, called Mercer + Prince.