Little Red Door owner creates Baldoria Vermouth

by Owen Bellwood

Paris-based hospitality company Bonomy Group, owner of Little Red Door bar, has unveiled three expressions under its new Baldoria Vermouth brand.

Created in partnership with Italian distillery Argalà, the Baldoria Vermouth range includes Rosso, Dry and Bianco bottlings. Rory Shepherd, group bar manager at Bonomy Group, said: “The first three are already made and we have a Rosso, a Dry and a Bianco. They are all made in Boves, which is a tiny little village south of Torino where we discovered a distillery called Argalà who make Pastis – they’re just the masters of maceration. “We wanted to work with them and they had never made vermouth before. We absolutely love vermouth so had fun developing these recipes together, then it turned out that this actually might have some legs so we decided to fully commit to it.” Shepherd explained that the team wanted to see what it was like creating products “from a cocktail perspective”. He said: “It was a really cool process and an amazing process to talk to people that know so much about wine and foraging and have just big hearts and lovely families.” Initially available in Paris and select Italian markets, the three vermouths featured in drinks on Little Red Door’s recently launched A Way With Words menu – including the Mauri made with Porter’s Tropical Old Tom Gin, ocean plants, Baldoria Dry and bubbles. Shepherd added: “We launched in Paris and hope to launch in the UK and maybe a couple of other countries maybe at the beginning of 2020. But we can always ship a cheeky bottle through to people that might deserve it.”