Licor 43 moves into RTD category

Jun 4, 2020by Melita Kiely

Spanish liqueur Licor 43 has unveiled its first range of ready-to-drink (RTD) products, called Cocktail 43 Fresco.

The range of ‘fizzy fusions’ is made by combining Licor 43 Original with real fruit juices. Cocktail 43 Fresco comprises two flavours, lemon and berry. Both have an ABV of 5.6% and will initially launch in the Netherlands priced at RRP €2.49 (US$2.80) each via Maxxium Netherlands. They will be rolled out to major retailers in due course, Licor 43 owner Zamora Company said. Julian Fernandez, global marketing and innovation director for spirits at Zamora Company, said: “Cocktail 43 Fresco is our first ever RTD liquid in the history of our company, which has, over the last 70 years, successfully combined liqueur knowledge and innovation with an anticipation of growing demand for delicious low-alcohol options from quality, natural ingredients in convenient formats. “The product is inspired by our Spanish roots, packaged in a premium, bespoke bottle with a liquid that offers the signature flavours of our Licor 43 Original blended with real fruit juices to deliver a delicious, fresh taste. “Natural ingredients are at the core of our brand, and Licor 43 is a trusted name around the world, so we are continuing to bring dynamism and excitement to new and existing markets – just as we did in our previous innovations when we combined Licor 43 and tiger nuts for our horchata dairy-free and vegan expression, and premium rare coffee from the Canary Islands for Licor 43 Baristo.”