Last Drop Distillers bottles 1977 Dumbarton whisky

by Owen Bellwood

Rare spirits bottler The Last Drop Distillers has released a 1977 single grain whisky from the demolished Dumbarton distillery.

The Dumbarton 1977 Single Grain Scotch Whisky is the 17th release from The Last Drop Distillers, and the brand’s third single grain whisky in 11 years. The distillery was closed in 2002 and partially destroyed. The last remaining trace of the site, a 100-foot tall red tower, was brought down in 2017. Rebecca Jago, managing director of The Last Drop Distillers, said: “1977 is an extraordinary year in our collective memory, as it is the year that our founders James Espey and my late father, Tom Jago, first met. The two became life-long colleagues and trusted advisors to each another, moving between industry roles, largely in tandem. “Our 1977 Dumbarton Single Grain seems a fitting tribute to such an unusually rare and special friendship and will be remembered as a truly rare and covetable gem.” Distilled in 1977, the whisky has matured for more than 40 years. The Last Drop Distillers has released 150 bottles at 48.4% ABV, each priced at RRP £2,500 (US$3,000). As with all of The Last Drop releases, each bottle comes packaged with a 50ml miniature replica and a pocket-sized tasting book with additional pages for personal tasting notes.